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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome to the On-Line version of the Galson Family Cookbook

Based on the wild popularity and usefullness of the original and now out of print Galson Family Cookbook, and considering the rate at which new Galson family households are expanding now that all the "children" have left home, I have prepared this web verison of the original with editorial assistance from Jessie.

My hope is that contributions to this on-line cookbook can become a regular part of everyone's culinary experience and that family members will e-mail me or Jessie whenever they stumble upon an amazing recipe they wish to have added to this compendium. Don't wait to be pestered at the end of the year, but submit your BEST ideas whenever they strike you.

When/if you submit entries for the blog, be sure to format them in the same way we have for the existing library including Ingredients, Description, Implements, comments and source - if the recipe came from some other published source.

Preparing and eating delicious food is surely one of the greatest pleasures to be shared by a family. We have prepared this on-line cookbook to contribute to the refinement of our palates and extension of this pleasure to new heights.

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