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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Upside Down Pear Tart with Ginger (Caroline Galson)

I use a tarte tatin tin which is 9" diameter and 2" high.
I presume that you can buy jars of preserved ginger in syrup in the US.

3oz butter, cut up
3oz granulated sugar
2 tablespoons syrup from preserved ginger
3 or 4 firm pears
Juice of a lemon

4oz softened butter
4oz caster sugar
3 1/2 oz self raising flour
1level teaspoon baking powder
1 oz ground almonds
2large eggs
3 tablespoons syrup from ginger
4 knobs preserved ginger, chopped
I teaspoon ground ginger

Set tin over a low heat and put in butter. Move it around tin, brushing up sides. Add sugar and syrup, heat until toffee-like and bubbling slightly. Remove from heat.
Peel, core and slice pears, turning them in lemon juice. Arrange in sunflower effect on the toffee base.
Blitz all cake ingredients except ginger knobs in food processor, or food mixer, then stir in chopped ginger. Pour over the pears.
Bake for 45 mins at 375F, then turn heat down to 350. Watch that the top doesn't burn.
(It cooks more quickly in the Aga) 
Cool for about 10 mins. Run knife around edge, place a large plate on top and invert. Watch out for juices running out. 
I make it in advance if expecting guests and re-warm in slow oven.

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