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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sedona Peach Rescue Compote (Wendy 10/10/18)

Mealy peaches
brown sugar
nutmeg (optional)
Cinnamon (Optional)


Discovered when the peaches were mealy.  Verified for use with formerly mealy, now overripe peaches. First tried atop pancakes.  Also good on ice cream or yogurt.

  1. Cut rotten spots out of peaches: chop peaches

  1. Melt butter and brown sugar (amounts at your discretion); add dashes of nutmeg and/or cinnamon if desired.  Heat butter mixture until you can smell a butterscotch odor.

  1. Add peaches, stirring until peaches are cooked to taste. Add chopped pecans and/or dried cranberries (if desired).

  1. Enjoy!

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